Cooklist is doing what Expedia did with airlines, but for grocery. It’s an app that aggregates the retailers that make up the $650B grocery industry into a single digital interface for consumers, transforming the meal planning and grocery shopping process that used to take hours into a seamless experience that can be done in minutes.Users log into their grocery store loyalty accounts (think for grocery) to automatically download their in-store or online purchases into a digital pantry on the Cooklist app, which then keeps track of how old everything is, sends notifications when food is soon to expire and matches those products to 1.3MM recipes online to show which recipes can be cooked with the food on hand right now.The app also makes building a shopping list and buying groceries easy and fun by recommending items based on past purchases while also allowing users to choose recipes they want to cook and automatically add the ingredients they need to the list. Cooklist announced a partnership with Target where Target will be the first retailer that Cooklist users can order groceries from online directly from their shopping list on Cooklist starting in February 2019! It’s like having a personal chef, personal shopper and nutritionist in your pocket.