Ric Anderson

President, Anderson Strategic Brand Concepts
Ric Anderson is a respected Omni-Channel Retail and Wholesale Consultant. As President of Anderson Strategic Brand Concepts, Ric brings “Clarity to Retail & Wholesale Strategy” by using a “Customer Centric Vision” to create innovative solutions, merchandising processes & business models to position brands as “top of mind”. His wide breath of experience in Merchandising, P & L, Strategy, E-Commerce, Operations and Marketing, at a senior level allow him to view any market from 10,000ft to find the best “Value Propositions” and “Competitive Advantages” for any company.He understands which questions to ask and the processes to put into place. He builds executive teams engaged in executing the omni-channel merchandising strategy. He has successful experience launching new omni-channel retail initiatives. building brands and creating turnaround strategies.