Jeff Smith

CEO, QuantumIOT
Jeff is no stranger to emerging technologies. As a scientist for Motorola, The Robotics Institute, and the SuperCollider, he has worked on wireless sensor and control systems – from autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles to particle accelerators. Jeff is an innovator and visionary. He was the co-founder of several technology companies including one of first internet service providers (OnRamp Acquired by Verio) and four others in the emerging Internet of Things. SensorLogic acquired by Gemalto, Ublip acquired by Numerex, Geomoto (ongoing), and QuantumIOT (ongoing). Jeff has a B.S. in Engineering from Trinity University, and an M.S. and Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from UTA. Jeff has 17 patents. In 2006 Jeff received The International Community award from the Ewing B. Kaufmann Foundation. This award recognized his social entrepreneurship mission in Honduras. Jeff is a Distinguished Alumni at UTA and has served on the Presidents Advisory Board, and the advisory board of the College of Engineering and the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. For fun, Jeff spends his time at his cabin in the Rocky Mountains, and sustainable farm in East Texas. He has a bride of 20 years, a 17 year old son, horse named True Love, guard donkey, hogs, goats, chickens, and mini Australian Shepherd named Harley.