David Matthews

Managing Director, RevTech Ventures
David Matthews has a background as an entrepreneur, a lead investor in emerging alternative investment funds, a venture capitalist, and a venture philanthropist. As an entrepreneur, he launched several successful start-ups including Intelecon, Green Mountain Dallas, and the Oklahoma Chapter of Entrepreneurs Organization (EO). As a lead investor in alternative investment funds, he brought the initial capital together to back emerging managers in such funds as Red River Ventures, Elm Creek Partners, Trailblazer Capital, and RevTech Ventures. As a venture capitalist, Matthews invested in a number of early-stage entrepreneurial ventures including PeopleAnswers, Green Mountain Energy, K12, Zaadz, and EnTouch Controls. As a venture philanthropist, he developed innovative, entrepreneurial approaches for raising hard-to-get operating funds for early childhood education. His OKCityscape and Dallas Cityscape exhibits have generated over $1 million of net contributions to several schools during the past five years. Matthews earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Audio Engineering from Ohio State University in 1986.