Chris Todd

President/CEO, Theatro
Chris is the President & CEO of Theatro, a four-year old Dallas based technology company that is pioneering the use of voice controlled wearable computers by hourly workers in the retail and hospitality markets.  Theatro’s “Heads-Up and Hands Free” voice controlled wearables delivered as a service over the indoor Wi-Fi network to every employee is the perfect mobile device for an hourly workforce. As the senior member of the founding team, Chris is responsible for leading Theatro’s overall direction, strategy, and growth plans.  Chris is a “rollup your sleeves” type leader who is passionate about the strategy of a business.  Chris believes that most every idea can be a winner…it’s all about figuring out the strategy angles to drive success!  As a co-founder, Chris has been instrumental in guiding Theatro from an early innovative concept into a fast paced start-up company. Chris has 25 years of experience in senior executive positions with small start-ups and large multinationals in a diverse array of industries, including software, networking and apps for leading hardware and software companies including Cisco Systems, AppTrigger, Metaswitch, Extreme Networks and Newbridge Networks. Chris graduated with a BBA from SMU in Dallas, Texas.