Arnie Rivera

Independent Consultant
Arnie Rivera joined Reflect in 2006 and serves as the company’s Senior Vice President of Solution Delivery and Client Services. Rivera oversees the customer support, training, procurement, project management, installation and field service groups. Rivera has provided technical consulting for the design, deployment and operations of some of the largest digital signage networks currently in existence, including those at Best Buy, Verizon, GameStop and Target. Rivera holds a B.S. in Information Technology from Western Governor’s University. Prior to joining Reflect, Rivera served as the global technical escalations manager at Texas Instruments. His responsibilities included processing hardware and software quality assurance claims in the United States and Europe. He designed and implemented the process to engage the proper channels within the product management, quality assurance and software development departments in order to ensure that customer issues are resolved within a timely and efficient manner still in use today by Texas Instruments’ technical support. Rivera continues to use his extensive IT and service oriented background to provide his clients at Reflect with superior and comprehensive service.