David Matthews

Founder/Managing Director
David Matthews is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist with 25 years of experience in building companies from startup to fruition and investing in software startups. His venture capital funds have deployed over $150M into more than 50 investments during the past 16 years. Successful exits include Green Mountain Energy (sold to NRG), Fiber Systems Int’l (sold to Amphenol), PeopleAnswers (sold to Infor), Spawn Labs (sold to GameStop), and Zaadz (sold to Gaiam). His investments have become increasingly focused on innovative technologies for the retail industry and new retail models. As an entrepreneur founding and building a high-growth, corporate event production company in the 1990’s, Matthews’ primary customers were tech companies and retailers. The company’s first $1 million client was JCPenney, which had recently relocated from New York to Dallas. Other major clients included Dell, AMD, Microsoft, Sterling Software, Sterling Commerce, Nortel, and Neiman Marcus. In late 1998, he sold his stake in that company and migrated to a career in venture capital investments. Matthews first worked as a Director at Red River Ventures, a Dallas-based venture capital fund launched in early 2000. He then founded Trailblazer Capital, a micro-VC fund with a regional focus on Texas and Oklahoma, in 2006. Trailblazer was initially funded with proceeds from the sale of Michaels Stores, a Dallas-based specialty retailer. Matthews and other Michaels’ investors committed 75% of the capital for Trailblazer’s first fund. The investment that returned a multiple of that fund’s capital was Spawn Labs, a platform that enabled remote participation in console video games. Spawn Labs was acquired by GameStop, a Dallas-based specialty retailer, in 2010. Trailblazer raised a second fund in 2011 that has now deployed nearly $30 million in 10 investments and 5 accelerator funds. In 2011, Matthews founded RevTech Ventures, a seed capital fund and accelerator program focused on tech innovation for the retail industry. RevTech Ventures has funded 30 companies to date, half of which were able to attract seed funding of $250k or more, and 5 of which have scaled revenue above $1 million annually. Total capital formation into these startups has been over $15 million and over 220 jobs have been created. RevTech Ventures has created an impressive mentor network with over 100 entrepreneurs, investors, and retail industry executives. Matthews was raised in Oklahoma City and earned his Bachelor of Science Degree from Ohio State University in 1986.