Jeffrey Yarbrough

CEO, bigInk
From his days as a roving restaurateur to his current work leading public relations and real estate clients to extensive accolades and booming business, Jeffrey Yarbrough has achieved unequivocal success in all aspects of the hospitality industry. How does he do it? An entrepreneur by nature, Yarbrough shares with his clients the real life experience he gained from running his own businesses. Yarbrough’s years of experience in the hospitality industry combined with his knowledge of media and public relations have warranted bigInk PR and Marketing recognition as one of Dallas Business Journal’s Top 25 public relations companies in Dallas/Fort Worth. Yarbrough showed interest in running his own business from an early age . When he was only five-years - old, he picked plums from his grandmother’s trees and sold them to neighbors. Yarbrough is a catalyst for new concepts. Unique ideas he initiated and promoted in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and elsewhere have received national acclaim for their financial and creative achievements. His first entertainment accomplishment (Concept Nouveau, Inc.) was Dallas ’ original four clubs -in-one complex, including Art Bar, Blind Lemon, Club Clearview and Red. Its diverse club settings, friendly atmosphere and service, and creative marketing campaigns made the complex a model for nightclub establishments throughout the nation. Jeffrey’s innovative entrepreneurial spirit led him to launch Liberty Noodles in 1998, the first pan-Asian noodle house located on Lower Greenville in Dallas, Texas. The whimsically chic restaurant received rave reviews including “Top 10 Best New Restaurants ” from the Dallas Morning News and Tastemaker Award for “Best Ad Campaign”. As if that isn’t enough, Yarbrough also co-wrote the nationally circulated “Complete Idiot’s Guide to Asian Cooking” with Liberty Noodle’s Founding Chef, Annie Wong. In 2004, he took his knowledge of the hospitality industry and opened bigInk PR and Marketing, using his experience to help other restaurateurs and business owners reach sweeping success. In 2017, Yarbrough sold bigInk P.R. to long-time associate and friend, Mallory Johnson. Yarbrough will stay on as founder of the company and advisor. In 2007, he expanded the company to include commercial real estate services, bigInk Real Estate, to support growing restaurant companies, serving both restaurateurs and real estate developers. In 2015, Yarbrough and bigInk Real Estate partnered with United Country Real Estate out of Kansas City, Kansas and became the director of their specialty/hospitality group nationwide. In 2017, with the support of his wife, Tara, and auctioneer partner, Andy Gabehart, the three opened a farm , ranch, and commercial division United Country Texas Real Estate and Auction Services in Waxahachie, Texas. An expert networker, Yarbrough thrives through bigInk involvement in community and industry organizations. Continually inspiring his team to excel in their personal and professional lives, he serves as a mentor and offers opportunities to help them reach their goals . Yarbrough leads by example, not only in business, but in his ability to balance work with a busy family life as a husband and father of triplets.